Main competitors

It’s true that the cybersecurity market is diverse and fragmented, and the BIG 4 (the world’s largest consulting and professional services firms) may have resources and reputations we can’t match. However, there are many other large and small companies as well as independent professionals that play a significant role in the cybersecurity industry. Here are a few of these categories:

  1. Large cybersecurity companies: In addition to the BIG 4, there are many other companies that specialize in cybersecurity. Here we consider them to be our main competitors.
  2. Small companies and start-ups: In recent years, many start-ups have emerged offering innovative cybersecurity solutions. These companies often focus on smaller market segments or specific technologies and may have greater agility and flexibility in developing and implementing security solutions.
  3. Freelancers and independent consultants: Independent cybersecurity professionals can provide specialized services such as penetration testing, security consulting or risk analysis. They can be hired by organizations for specific projects or to complement the capabilities of their in-house team.
  4. IT integrators: Some integration companies also offer cybersecurity services as part of their portfolio. They can integrate security solutions into their customers’ IT infrastructure and provide security management services.
  5. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs): These companies specialize in providing managed cybersecurity services, allowing customers to outsource the monitoring and management of their security.

The fragmentation of this market offers a wide range of options for organizations seeking cybersecurity services and solutions.

We mention that we have included in the analysis only companies that provide exclusively cybersecurity services (pentest, audit, consulting) and excluded BIG4, due to its extensive consulting portfolio.

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