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Post-incident analysis and assessment

At Fort we believe that an active approach to cybersecurity involves learning from past incidents to enhance your organization’s security posture. Our Post-Incident Analysis and Assessment services provide a detailed examination of security incidents, allowing us to gain valuable insights and identify opportunities for improvement. With this knowledge, we help you build a stronger defense against future cyber threats.


Why is Post-Incident Analysis important?

When a cybersecurity incident occurs, the aftermath can be overwhelming. However, conducting a thorough post-incident analysis is critical for several reasons:

Identifying Root Causes

By identifying the root causes of the incident, we can address the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that allowed the incident to occur in the first place.

Enhancing Incident Response Procedures

Insights gained from the analysis allow us to refine and improve our incident response procedures, ensuring a more effective and efficient response in the future.

Strengthening Cybersecurity Defenses

The knowledge gained from the analysis is used to implement measures to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity defenses, reducing the risk of similar incidents.

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Post-Incident Analysis and Assessment Process

Our experienced cybersecurity experts conduct an extensive post-incident analysis, following a structured and methodical approach:


Data Collection

We gather and analyze data related to the incident, including logs, network traffic data, and incident reports.


Incident Timeline Reconstruction

We reconstruct the timeline of events leading up to, during, and after the incident to understand its progression.


Impact Assessment

Our team assesses the impact of the incident on your organization’s operations, systems, and data.


Vulnerability Assessment

We identify the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that the threat actors exploited to gain unauthorized access.


Root Cause Identification

Our experts identify the root causes of the incident, such as misconfigurations or gaps in security controls.



Based on the analysis, we provide you with actionable recommendations to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses and incident response procedures.

Our commitment to your organization's cybersecurity doesn't end with incident handling. Through our Post-Incident Analysis and Assessment services, we partner with you to continuously improve and fortify your cyber defenses. By learning from incidents, we empower your organization to stay one step ahead of cyber threats and maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.


Happy Protected Customers

DRUID has started as a technology provider with high ambitions and a “fast growth” mentality. To support this approach, we needed a partner with the same business principles and deep technical knowledge and FORT is the partner that delivered that. We heavily rely on the team at FORT for all penetration testing activities on our platform and infrastructure and we are looking forward to new challenges together.
Liviu Dragan
CEO & Founder, DRUID
Starting from 2020, Fort has been our primary cybersecurity partner, helping us in establishing our IT Governance Framework. Since then, they have consistently proven flexibility and reliability during our dynamic period of expansion with ever more complex security requirements in broader geographies. They have delivered on every project we embarked on together, whether it involved conducting penetration testing on our platform or assisting us in implementing globally recognized standards like ISO27001 or SOC2 Type2. Our partnership is set to endure, and I wholeheartedly endorse the amazing team at Fort.
Sergiu Negut
Co-Founder & CSO
Being a fast-growing tech start-up means that our partners need to be as agile and flexible as we are. And FORT has always proven reliability in providing Cybersecurity services in the past 3 years. Having them as acting CISOs helped us focus more on growing our business and improving our platform whilst maintaining a high-security level required by our international clients. Their hands-on expertise has helped us become ISO27001 and SOC2 certified, which is vital in our fast-paced market. We look forward to new challenges together.
Dragos Badea
CEO, Yarooms International



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