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Network Traffic Analysis

Gaining Insights for Smarter Network Security

What is Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)?

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) is a powerful cybersecurity technique that involves the continuous monitoring and analysis of network traffic to gain valuable insights into the behavior of devices and users on the network. NTA provides a full view of network activities, helping organizations identify potential security threats, monitor network performance, and ensure optimal network efficiency.

The need for Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) services arises from the growing complexity and sophistication of cyber threats, as well as the increasing reliance on digital networks for business operations.

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How Does NTA enhance your security?


Network Visibility

NTA provides extensive visibility into network traffic, helping organizations understand all devices, users, and data flows within the network. This visibility allows security teams to identify potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized activities.


Threat Detection

NTA employs real-time monitoring and behavioral analysis to detect and alert on suspicious activities and potential security threats. It helps identify malware, unauthorized access attempts, and unusual behavior that may indicate an ongoing attack.



NTA assists in troubleshooting network issues by identifying abnormal patterns in network traffic. It helps pinpoint performance bottlenecks, network congestion, and misconfigurations, facilitating quicker resolution of network problems.


Investigation Support

In the event of security incidents, NTA stores historical network data, enabling detailed forensic analysis. Security teams can reconstruct the sequence of events leading to the incident and understand the extent of the breach.


Threat Intelligence

NTA often integrates threat intelligence feeds, providing up-to-date information on known attack signatures and emerging threats. This integration enhances threat detection capabilities and strengthens the organization’s security posture.


Policy Enforcement

NTA allows organizations to enforce security policies effectively. It can detect violations of security policies, such as unauthorized data transfers or access attempts, and trigger immediate responses to enforce policy compliance.


Regulatory Compliance

NTA assists organizations in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing detailed reports and logs for auditing and compliance assessments. It ensures that the organization’s security measures align with industry standards and data protection regulations.


How NTA works?

NTA keeps track of all network traffic.

Full Packet Capture (FPC)

Full packet capture involves the collection and storage of entire data packets that traverse the network. This type of data collection captures the complete contents of each packet, including the header and payload. FPC provides the most detailed and comprehensive network data, allowing for in-depth analysis of network traffic, application behavior, and security incidents.

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Network Flow Data

Network flow data, also known as flow records or NetFlow data, represents a summarized version of network traffic. Flow data includes information about communication between devices, such as source and destination IP addresses, ports, protocol types, timestamps, and the number of bytes and packets exchanged during a specific communication session. Flow data provides a more concise overview of network activities and is useful for traffic analysis, capacity planning, and detecting anomalies.

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NTA solutions may use a combination of these data types to gain insights into network behavior and security threats. Full packet capture is valuable for detailed forensic analysis and identifying specific packet contents for incident investigation. Network flow data, on the other hand, provides a scalable and less resource-intensive method for monitoring and analyzing overall network traffic patterns, helping to detect abnormal behavior and potential security incidents.

Enhance your network security and performance with our advanced Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) services. Gain real-time visibility into network activities, identify potential threats, and proactively defend your network against cyber risks.


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